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An account of Rev Hollett's ministry at the chapel after it left the control of ENC students

An historical account of the conditions on Dover Street

BostonChapel 012-0650013.jpg
"Caption: Rev. Hollet @ a Prayer Meeting - Now Stephe, let's stop the foolishness, huh? You'll have your Dad down there joining you! Apr. 64"

BostonChapel 012-0650038.jpg
"Caption: the children's Corner - Sandy & Karen Hollett - "Don't be afraid Karen, it's all -right" Debby Shattuck Joy Deas - the Gaileys' Daughter - Apr. 64 Easter -"

Boston Chapel correctly color-keyed map setting of 1950s.jpg
Color-Keyed May of Boston Chapel Area in 1950s entitled "And the Spirit Brooded Over-26 Dover"
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