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Email forwarded to Rev. Tasker from Jay Bergers detailing his correspondence with some of the remaining founders of the Boston Chapel

Boston Chapel archival letter Phyllis Collins-Wiggans 1956_Redacted.jpg
Image of a letter sent to the editorial staff of The Christian Scholar on Phyliss Collins-Wiggans' participation in Boston Chapel

Boston Chapel correctly color-keyed map setting of 1950s.jpg
Color-Keyed May of Boston Chapel Area in 1950s entitled "And the Spirit Brooded Over-26 Dover"

BostonChapel 012-0650038.jpg
"Caption: the children's Corner - Sandy & Karen Hollett - "Don't be afraid Karen, it's all -right" Debby Shattuck Joy Deas - the Gaileys' Daughter - Apr. 64 Easter -"

BostonChapel 012-0650013.jpg
"Caption: Rev. Hollet @ a Prayer Meeting - Now Stephe, let's stop the foolishness, huh? You'll have your Dad down there joining you! Apr. 64"

An historical account of the conditions on Dover Street

An account of Rev Hollett's ministry at the chapel after it left the control of ENC students
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