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Boston Chapel archival letter Phyllis Collins-Wiggans 1956_Redacted.jpg
Image of a letter sent to the editorial staff of The Christian Scholar on Phyliss Collins-Wiggans' participation in Boston Chapel

BostonChapel 012-0650038.jpg
"Caption: the children's Corner - Sandy & Karen Hollett - "Don't be afraid Karen, it's all -right" Debby Shattuck Joy Deas - the Gaileys' Daughter - Apr. 64 Easter -"

BostonChapel 012-0650018.jpg
"Caption: Paul Deas Karen Hollett Donitta Sanger Collette Lashley Sav Deas Sandy Hollett Debby Shattuck May 1965 Paul, you're so young to have a harem! "Can I help it if I'm so al handsome!?"
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