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Early Boston Chapel mimeo bulletins in Archives From Fay & Ray Stark.jpg
Photograph of an old Boston Chapel mimeograph bulletin

BostonChapel 012-0650042.jpg
Caption: Our choir "they think we can sing" - Won't they be surprised?" (Really our Choir leader helped the choir a lot don't you think?)

BostonChapel 012-0650039.jpg
Caption: Flowers for the Altar Easter '64 Beautiful!

BostonChapel 012-0650033.jpg
Caption: Miss Elizabeth Manna "I didn't ask to be up here! OR- "You got me into this now get me out! OR "She ought to be outstanding-in-her-field- (not singing in church)"

BostonChapel 012-0650027.jpg
Man sits at the organ

BostonChapel 012-0650020.jpg
Caption: Our Sanctuary Christmas 1964 - Decorations donated by Parishioners - We had a play remember? The Altar had evergreens and lights - also decorated. The stage was the scene in Bethleham. Don Brotherton in charge
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