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Digital contact sheet of photographs from Top and Pat Hollett ; Caption: BOSTON CHAPEL ARCHIVAL PHOTOGRAPHS Tom & Patricial Hollett Collection

Email sent by Rev. Tasker remembering the help of Rev. Kenneth E. and Helen R. Sullivan and the print shop at ENC in Boston Chapel ministry

Email forwarded to Rev. Tasker from Jay Bergers detailing his correspondence with some of the remaining founders of the Boston Chapel

Email chain regarding the donation of materials by John Kauffman and information regarding the pastoral ministry and administration of Boston Chapel

Email sent by Rev. Tasker thanking the family of Ken & Helen Sullivan for sharing their memories

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"Caption: Paul Deas Karen Hollett Donitta Sanger Collette Lashley Sav Deas Sandy Hollett Debby Shattuck May 1965 Paul, you're so young to have a harem! "Can I help it if I'm so al handsome!?"

BostonChapel 012-0650019.jpg
"Caption: Gary Saunders Paul Deas Roger Lashley Gary "I'll sleep standing up if I can!" Paul - "Wait for me, Mama!" Roger - "Go ahead, take your time, I can't hear my Mom calling me with this hood on!" (May 1965)"
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