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BostonChapel 012-0650044.jpg
Photo collage of digitized images. Caption: BOSTON NAZARENE CHAPEL CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE DEDICATION 1961

BostonChapel 012-0650042.jpg
Caption: Our choir "they think we can sing" - Won't they be surprised?" (Really our Choir leader helped the choir a lot don't you think?)

BostonChapel 012-0650039.jpg
Caption: Flowers for the Altar Easter '64 Beautiful!

BostonChapel 012-0650038.jpg
"Caption: the children's Corner - Sandy & Karen Hollett - "Don't be afraid Karen, it's all -right" Debby Shattuck Joy Deas - the Gaileys' Daughter - Apr. 64 Easter -"

BostonChapel 012-0650036.jpg
Caption: Rev. + Mrs. Mullen + Family (the baby says) "But Daddy I wasn't here when they started the chapel!" (what he missed!)

BostonChapel 012-0650035.jpg
Caption: Julie Banco Betty Manna Among the many who sang (in all but 3 nites) of services - "Cliff just asked us if we'd like to sing with him + George Bev. Shea" We really enjoyed singing into the word!
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