Church Life and Testimony

This exhibit contains photos and ephemera regarding church life at the Boston Chapel as it moved from ministry to mission to established church.

"My memory of Boston Chapel where I volunteered to assist teaching Sunday School for at least a year is of dingy crowded apartments with many children. The children I walked to the Sunday School enjoyed it but I do not know how this influenced their family. The family upstairs from the chapel in my memory had chronic water problems because the landlord did not maintain the building despite paying rent. I remember one family - the mother attended faithfully but kept having children out of wedlock - now I look back and think of all the frustrations she must have had clearly it was a storefront giving the gospel and helping people but on hindsight I wish we had been able to engage more of the people in the community in leadership." ~Hazel Goodwin


Reverend Jim Tasker, Archives of the Church of the Nazarene